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Game Over (2019) Hindi Full Movie HD Print Quality Free Download, Game Over Review: Hollywood has been made in turning games into films, and Game Over may be a novel try by a director in Kollywood. however in contrast to the Hollywood films, Ashwin Saravanan doesn’t base his story on the arcade game Pac-Man, however uses it simply to require the story forward.

Director: Ashwin Saravanan
Writers: Ramkumar Kaavya, Suman Kumar
Stars: Taapsee Pannu, Vinodhini Vaidynathan, Ramya Subramanian

The film opens with a lady being viciously dead and news reports showing however this can be simply the start of a alarming serial murders. we tend to square measure then introduced to Swapna, an infatuated gamer World Health Organization is additionally scared of the dark. Her simple phobia is 1st triggered by a private tragedy that happened simply a year agone, and unable to return to terms with it, she shuts herself to the globe, to her folks, and stays along with her caretaker, Kalamma. the sole issue that keeps her going is her love for gambling, and also the one issue she needs to try and do is beat her own score in Pac-Man. however her life changes once she finds out that the ink that was accustomed create the tattoo on her gliding joint contains a unknown girl’s ash, which her dark past has come to haunt her. Things solely worsen once she becomes the target of the murderer. can Swapna be able to beat life at its own game? Or is one life insufficient for her to defeat the demons?

This is Taapsee’s 1st unharness in Tamil once concerning four years and he or she has ruined her teeth into the character with full banter. Be it retreating into a shell once the past flashes ahead of her eyes, stormy ahead full throttle to attack her attackers or maybe subtly expressing her state of mind within the finish, she will them with ease. Oh, and her lip-synch is nearly bang on. Vinodhini as Kamalamma is natural and Sanchana, tho’ she seems in mere many scenes, leaves an impression.

Ashwin has come back an extended manner from Maya (his directorial debut) and it clearly reflects within the manner he’s tightly prepacked the film. whereas showing the protagonist as a gamer or a game developer to justify the title would are taking the better solution, he has showing intelligence united parts of gambling into the script, creating it AN integral a part of the narration. Revealing something a lot of concerning this here would simply be a spoiler. He’s conjointly paid keen attention to the setting; from posters to figurines, they convey the mood of the film, and conjointly bring a way of reminder. He’s conjointly subtly keyed in an exceedingly supernatural part to form the story plausible. There square measure many jump scares, however they’re a lot of thanks to what the eyes will see and not as a result of the worry of the invisible, and Vasanth’s filming manages to capture them

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