Anaganaga O Prema Katha (2019) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Free Download

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Anaganaga O Prema Katha (2019) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Free Download

Anaganaga O Prema Katha (2019) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Free Download, Story: Hindu deity (Ashwin Viraj) is that the instance ‘playboy’ UN agency likes to perpetually be within the pursuit of women. His childhood friend Ananya (Riddhi Kumar) indulges him along with his infatuations despite being deeply crazy with him. What happens once Hindu deity realises too late of Ananya’s love for him?

Director: Birsa Dasgupta
Writer: Pratap Tatamsetti
Stars: Viraj Ashwin, Riddhi Kumar

Review: timely within the film, one amongst the nonsensical flossy scenes the film is crammed with sees designer Surya’s (Ashwin Viraj) boss direct him to travel examine the Bheemili Church therefore he’s ‘inspired’ to style a church for a consumer from abroad. The director UN agency shot the film extensively in Vizag and Asian nation decides to indicate a random small church, in all probability not even placed within the space, rather than the large, heritage St Peters Church in Bheemili. an equivalent holds true for the film normally. Director Pratap causes you to believe Anaganaga O Premakatha goes in one direction, that it’s the illusion of a story and is coherent before dropping the pretense shortly.

Surya is Ananya’s childhood friend UN agency lives opposite her home, likes to climb in through her window to speak to her at nighttime, uses her as his driver once want be, is with confidence narcissistic along with her seeing as however she expects nothing reciprocally, however has massively friendzoned her in life, selecting instead to pursue each random pretty lady he comes across. Ananya on the opposite hand is assured in her love, that no matter what number ladies Hindu deity dates, it’s her whom he can hunt for society once the time comes. Her infatuated father (Anish Kuruvilla) even supports her love for Hindu deity, till he doesn’t.

Don’t get USA wrong, there’s nothing commonplace regarding the means her father shows his discontentedness for this relationship that’s strictly one-sided for currently. But, it doesn’t mean the director comes up with a very distinctive methodology for this either, he merely chooses to be regressive regarding it as a result of ‘papa is aware of best’. It’s not simply this; the film is crammed with conflict points – each for Hindu deity and Ananya – that square measure laughable. What square measuren’t laughable are the questionable funny running gags through the film a few friend of Hindu deity and his unsuccessful pelli choopulus, the friend being racist associate degreed body-shaming an African quality lady who’s crazy with him, a random man UN agency keeps happy at Hindu deity whenever he pursues a lady for no reason associate degreed Surya’s father along with his obsession with an first love. The ‘jokes’ within the film square measure in extraordinarily poor style, ostensibly stuck in another era.

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