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Time to Hunt (2020)

Time to Hunt (2020)






Sung-hyun Yoon



Sung-hyun Yoon



Lee Jehoon, Jae-hong Ahn, Woo-sik Choi



134 minutes






Action, Crime, Drama



February 22, 2020 (Berlinale), 10 April 2020 (USA), April 23, 2020 (Netflix)



South Korean







Time to Hunt (Korean: 사냥의 시간; RR: Sanyangui Sigan) is a 2020 South Korean tragic activity spine chiller film composed and coordinated by Yoon Sung-hyun. It was discharged worldwide on April 23, 2020 by Netflix. Set in a tragic South Korea, the film follows a gathering of companions who plot a heist and wind up chased somewhere around a secretive professional killer in the wake of achieving the mission.

The film debuted at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival on February 22, 2020, making it the primary Korean film to be screened in the Berlinale Special section.


In tragic South Korea, Jun-seok leaves jail for a messed up heist he and his companions pulled. The Korean won has slammed greatly, making that pull viably useless. Jun-seok proposes one final heist to his closest companions Jang-ho and Ki-hoon, to get away from their hopeless circumstances.

Their objective is an illicit betting house, which stores robust piles of US dollars. The trio initiates Sang-soo, who presently works in the betting house. In the wake of getting guns from Bong-sik – a companion Jun-seok knew in jail – the group of four continues with the heist, which completes muddled however effective. They take a huge aggregate of money and the betting house’s reconnaissance hard drives, which contain film of obscure dealings between the betting house’s proprietors and different crooks. After the heist, Sang-soo solicitations to remain in the city somewhat longer to keep working at the betting house, to abstain from raising doubt. The trio leaves to go to Ki-hoon’s folks’ home.

The loss of the observation hard drives makes the betting house’s proprietors despondent. They enroll contract executioner Han to follow the group of four and recover the hard drives. Han visits Bong-sik, drives him to call Jun-seok to uncover the trio’s present area, and executes him. Han finds Sang-soo, and murders him off-screen, taking his telephone. Jun-seok awakens from a bad dream and goes to a bar. He gets a call from Sang-soo’s telephone, yet on understanding that another person inside the bar has his telephone, he leaves in frenzy and surges Jang-ho and Ki-hoon to quickly escape, realizing that somebody is chasing them down.

Attempting to escape from the cabin, Han shoots Jang-ho, and the vehicle crashes. Han gives the trio a 5-minute preferred position before proceeding with the chase, and they drive to the emergency clinic to treat Jang-ho’s physical issue. At the clinic, as they are resting, Jun-seok sees Han show up at the medical clinic. The trio hotwire Han’s vehicle and understand that it is a police cruiser that approaches the city’s reconnaissance cameras. Expecting that Han is a cop, they endeavor to make an arrangement with him, yet he can’t. Han is captured by the police, however they discharge him out and about under the police boss’ requests.

The trio shows up at the harbor, where they need to remain until first light. Suspecting that his folks are in a difficult situation, Ki-hoon comes back to his folks’ home, bidding farewell to Jun-seok, who is outside. Jun-seok returns around evening time, sees an obscure vehicle close to the passage, and understands that Han has shown up. Jun-seok and Jang-ho escape from Han and hurry to a close by vehicle, however Han takes shots at them before Jang-ho can begin the vehicle. Jun-seok says battling Han is their lone opportunity to get away.

In the shootout, Han shoots Jang-ho on various occasions, and the last in the long run surrenders to his wounds. As Jun-seok is going to be shot dead by Han, a gathering of covered men, drove by Bong-sik’s twin sibling Bong-soo, shows up to slaughter Han to look for retribution for the demise of his sibling. The veiled men shoot Han various occasions, and he tumbles off the edges of the harbors, into the ocean.

At day break, Jun-seok takes the vessel to Kenting, Taiwan, where he remains for quite a while, yet he despite everything can’t disregard the loss of his companions. He requests data in regards to everybody associated with the betting house and discovers that Han has endure. It is additionally uncovered that Ki-hoon didn’t get by in the wake of getting back. Jun-seok, presently better at discharging weapons, realizes that he will never escape from Han and comes back to South Korea to confront him.



  • Lee Je-hoon as Jun-seok
  • Ahn Jae-hong as Jang-ho
  • Choi Woo-shik as Ki-hoon
  • Park Jung-min as Sang-soo
  • Park Hae-soo as Han

Special appearances

  • Jo Sung-ha as Bong-sik / Bong-soo
  • Kim Won-hae as Bin-dae


Head photography started in January 2018 and shooting was finished on July 15, 2018. Filming for the most part occurred in Incheon.


The film was initially set to be discharged in theaters on February 26, 2020 however it was deferred uncertainly due to the coronavirus pandemic. On March 23, it was declared that Netflix would discharge the film on April 10.

Legal dispute

Following the declaration that Time to Hunt would be discharged on Netflix, the film’s then-worldwide deals office Contents Panda documented a directive against Little Big Pictures (wholesaler of the movie) as they “singularly told of the end of the agreement” and “none of the abroad merchants concurred on an elite circulation concurrence with Netflix.”

As of April 8, 2020 Netflix reported the discharge date has been deferred to consent to the Seoul Central District Court administering with respect to appropriation contracts, and no further information for a potential discharge date was given.

On April 16, 2020 the gatherings consented to a remuneration manage wholesalers and the Court order was lifted. On April 20, Netflix reported that the film would be discharged three days later.


Critical response

On the survey collection site Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an endorsement rating of 73% dependent on 11 audits, with a normal rating of 6.75/10.

Deborah Young of The Hollywood Reporter portrays it as “a specialized visit de-power running more than two hours has a place both with the East Asian testosterone-controlled activity classification whose tenacious pressure will be compensation in itself for fans, just as to socially cognizant stories about growing up whose careful character improvement includes a more profound feeling of realism.”








56th Baeksang Arts Awards

Best Actor (Film)

Lee Je-hoon



56th Baeksang Arts Awards

Best New Actor (Film)

Park Hae-soo



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