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Flu (2013)

Flu (2013)






Sung-su Kim



Young-jong Lee (screenplay), Sung-soo Kim (screenplay)



Hyuk Jang, Soo Ae, Roxanne Aparicio



121 minutes



Not Rated



Action, Drama, Sci-Fi



15 August 2013 (South Korea)



South Korea







Flu (Korean: 감기; RR: Gamgi; on the other hand named The Flu) is a 2013 South Korean calamity movie composed and coordinated by Kim Sung-su, about an episode of a savage strain of H5N1 that kills its casualties inside 36 hours, tossing the locale of Bundang in Seongnam, which has a populace of almost a large portion of a million people, into turmoil. It stars Jang Hyuk and Soo Ae.


Siblings Ju Byung-charm and Ju Byung-ki are runners in Seoul who locate that illicit workers have passed on in a delivery holder from an obscure ailment. They take sole survivor Monssai and cellphone video of the bodies to show their supervisor in Budang, yet Byung-charm gets wiped out and Monssai get away. The siblings go to a center where the infection is given to other people who spread it all through the city.

At the Contagion Center in Budang, Dr. Kim In-hae is denounced for losing significant information when her vehicle tumbled down a mine the earlier day. Her sack is recovered from the pole by ERT individuals Kang Ji-goo and Bae Kyung-ub. Ji-goo answers her telephone and conveys the sack to In-hae’s girl Mi-reu.

Byung-charm’s condition exacerbates and he starts spewing darkened blood. His sibling takes him to a crisis room, where he is segregated with an obscure influenza. Brought in to help, In-hae finds the cellphone video and conjectures that conditions in the delivery compartment permitted the infection to transform. Byung-ki won’t answer inquiries regarding the compartment. Byung-charm passes on, and Byung-ki uncovered a few of the medical clinic staff while attempting to get to his sibling.

The following day, a lot more individuals show articulated side effects. With assistance from the KCDC, the medical clinic staff find and burn the delivery compartment. Nonetheless, rodents that had been benefiting from the cadavers escape into the city. The staff discover that the forceful infection is a transformed H5N1 strain that can kill inside 36 hours, and call to isolate the city.

Monssai spares Mi-reu from being struck by a vehicle. He at that point keeps away from her, mindful that he is spreading the ailment. Mi-reu calls Ji-goo to help scan for the wiped out man, yet they have no achievement. Gossipy tidbits about the episode spread and individuals start to freeze. Ji-goo spares a lady who tumbles from an elevator, and dismisses Mi-reu.

While criticizing the requirement for an isolate, chairmen and lawmakers are gone up against with a cataclysmic circumstance as individuals breakdown in the road, including drivers who cause a progression of vicious accidents. Medical clinics and interchanges frameworks become overpowered, and the isolate is started. Lawmakers and exploration staff clear to Seoul and brief the Prime Minister, who makes an open declaration that intensifies the frenzy in Budang.

In-hae stays in Budang and joins Ji-goo to scan for Mi-reu. They discover her in a grocery store which is being plundered, with individuals indicating manifestations while revolt police attempt to contain them. The three figure out how to get out before steel screens descend. In-hae gets them section to Seoul, yet Ji-goo will not desert his obligations and works with Kyung-ub to free those caught in the store. In-hae and Mi-reu arrive at the last helicopter for Seoul, yet Mi-reu shows side effects and they are denied entry.

Around evening time, the Budang isolate is fortified by the Republic of Korea Army, save powers, United States Forces Korea, United States Air Force and the KCDC. The populace is moved to a camp outside the Tancheon Sports Complex. Those showing manifestations are additionally disengaged in a tainted isolate zone (IQZ) underneath the arena to get clinical treatment, however In-hae realizes they have no fix. She slips Mi-reu through the assessments to shroud her disease and keeps Mi-reu’s cover on with the goal that she won’t contaminate others. On the subsequent day, Monssai is found in the disconnection zone. In-hae’s proposition to straightforwardly infuse his antibodies into a patient is overruled, however she furtively starts a transfusion to Mi-reu, whose condition has compounded. Afterward, Mi-reu’s condition is uncovered and she is sent to the IQZ.

There is anxiety in the camp because of an interchanges power outage, troublesome day to day environments, showdowns with gasmask-wearing gatekeepers, irregular gunfire intended to shield flying creatures from spreading the ailment, and gossipy tidbits that contaminated individuals are being killed. Weight from Leo Snyder of the WHO and government officials power the president to break a guarantee to discharge the uninfected following 48 hours, and battles break out. At the point when a tainted trooper is lethally shot by an official, a crowd gets angered and storms the IQZ. They see Ji-roo protecting Mi-reu from a heap of bodies that are being singed, and accept the tainted are being scorched alive.

In-hae and the clinical staff escape the horde, yet Byung-ki murders Monssai in a self-destructive assault to retaliate for his sibling’s demise. Mi-reu starts to recoup, and Ji-roo takes her towards the interstate to meet In-hae. Be that as it may, Gook-hwan, a tainted man who has been actuating distress, drives the outfitted crowd toward the thruway. Discovering that Mi-reu has antibodies, Gook-hwan takes shots at Ji-roo, bringing about a dangerous firearm fight between the horde and the troopers.

Ji-goo shrouds Mi-reu, who makes a full recuperation. Gook-hwan attempts to give himself a transfusion of her blood, yet is found and murdered in a battle with Kyung-ub. Mi-reu escapes and is pushed to the front of the horde, which is going up against troopers on the interstate. In-hae is shot while attempting to forestall Mi-reu from intersection the regulation line. Mi-reu shields her mom and argues for them to stop, at that point the crowd shields Mi-reu. The president arranges the warriors to remain down, and powers Snyder to drop an air strike. Mi-reu is sent to Seoul to make an immunization while clinical groups are dispatched to Budang.


  • Soo Ae as Kim In-hae
  • Jang Hyuk as Kang Ji-goo
  • Park Min-ha as Kim Mi-reu
  • Yoo Hae-jin as Bae Kyung-ub
  • Mama Dong-seok as Jeon Gook-hwan
  • Lee Hee-joon as Ju Byung-ki
  • Kim Ki-hyeon as the South Korean Prime Minister
  • Cha In-pyo as the South Korean President
  • Lee Sang-yeob as Ju Byung-charm
  • Park Hyo-joo as Teacher Jung
  • Park Jung-min as Chul-gyo
  • Boris Stout as Leo Snyder
  • Kim Moon-soo as Dr. Yang
  • Choi Byung-mo as Choi Dong-chi
  • Jang Kyoung-that is correct as Sang-myung
  • Andrew William Brand as Dr. Bill Beckman
  • Lester Avan Andrada as Monssai
  • Jo Hwi-joon as Chan-charm
  • Do Yong-goo as Chan-charm’s granddad
  • Noh Gi-hong as head of virus focus
  • Lee Dong-jin as salvage swimmer 1
  • Lee Young-soo as resident at limit line resident
  • Choi Jung-hyun as Prevention Special Forces
  • Lee Sang-hyung as Defense Special Forces
  • Kim Hyung-seok as ER inhabitant 2
  • Ham Jin-seong as emergency vehicle laborer
  • Lee Seung-joon as cop at mishap scene
  • Yang Myung-heon as commander at limit line
  • Wayne W. Clark as American general


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